List of short communications

Current list of short communications: times to be arranged

AKPOJARO, Avweroswo What has Berlin to do with Cappadocia? The Eschatological Visions of Gregory of Nyssa and Friedrich Schleiermacher
BATLLO, Xavier The Psychology Presented by Gregory in the De anima et resurrectione
BLACK, Hannah Imagery for Soteriological Transformation in De anima et resurrectione
DELCOGLIANO, Mark Gregory Of Nyssa on the Dissolution of the Body and the Soul’s Ongoing Connection with its Body’s Elements
EDWARDS, Robert Between Speculative and Dogmatic Theology: Gregory of Nyssa Among the Pro-Nicenes
FARRUGIA, Jonathan “…The Reforming of the Dissolved Being…” (An Et Res P.G. 46, 76) The Saved Body in Gregory of Nyssa’s De anima et resurrectione and his Homilies
GAVRILOVC, Basil (Milan) The Mind as Δύναμις and the Notion of Freedom: An Analysis of Gregory of Nyssa’s De Hominis Opificio and De Anima Et Resurrectione
GILFEATHER, Ryan Rhetoric And Participatory Desire: The Role of Macrina in Vita Macrinae
GRIPP, Bruno The Sorrows of Middle-Aged Gregory – A Literary-Philosophical Reading of the Dialogue On the Soul and The Resurrection.
HARMON, Tera Movement, Growth and Human Development in the Eschaton
JARAMILLO VARGAS, Gabriel The Horse and the Eyes in the Dialogue between Macrina and Gregory
KIEL, Nikolai Origenes-Rezeption in De anima et resurrectione des Gregor von Nyssa
MASPERO, Giulio The Resurrection and the Feast of Tabernacles in Gregory of Nyssa and Methodius of Olympus.
MOTIA, Mike On the Soul and the Resurrection as Protreptic
PETRIN, Michael Gregory Of Nyssa’s Literary Diptych of Macrina: The Life and the Dialogue in the Context of Late Ancient Philosophy
PRZYSZYCHOWSKA, Marta Two Macrinas? Macrina the Younger as a Literary Construct
ROSS, Taylor A Theodicy of Sequence: The Synecdochic Logic of ἀκολουθία in De anima et resurrectione
SCHLENCZEK, Stefanie Grief, Resilience and Gregory of Nyssa’s De anima et resurrectione
SEVASTYANOVA, Olga The Definition of the Soul by Gregory of Nyssa De anima et resurrectione as Compared with the Scriptural Terms נֶפֶשׁ, נְשָׁמָה and ר֣וּחַ.
TOIVIAINEN, Siiri Elements Of Anti-Epicurean Polemics in Gregory of Nyssa’s De anima et resurrectione
TOMASZ, Stępień Macrina and Diotima. A Woman as A Mystagogue
VIGORELLI, Ilaria Death As an Instrument of Salvation


Is There a Terminological Basis to Consider Macrina a Spiritual Leader?


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