Full DRAFT programme

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15th International Colloquium on Gregory of Nyssa: 6th – 9th September 2022, Exeter

Draft Programme  [rooms still to be finalised]

All sessions in the Queen’s Building, Streatham Campus, Exeter

 Tuesday 6th September 

15:00     Arrival                  [location] West Country cream tea                              

16:00     Welcome            [location] Morwenna Ludlow and the conference committee

16:30     Plenary 1             [location]

Matthieu CASSIN (Institut de recherche et d’histoire des textes du Centre      national de la recherche scientifique)

Deux lectures inconciliables du De anima et resurrectione ? la division en chapitres (kephalaia), les scholies et les lecteurs anciens

17:15    Plenary 2             [location]

  1. Warren SMITH (Duke Divinity School, Durham, North Carolina)

The Body and the Beatific Vision: An Unresolved Question

19:00     Dinner   [your own choice: in town or Holland Hall if booked ahead]


Wednesday 7th  September    

08:30     Morning Prayer : the Mary Harris Memorial Chapel 

led by Revd. Hannah Alderson, Lazenby Chaplain, University of Exeter.

09:00     Plenary 3             [location]

Lenka KARFÍKOVÁ (Charles University, Prague)

Macrina’s Eschatological Hope: The immortality of the soul, the resurrection of the body and the restoration of human nature according to the dialogue De anima et resurrectione

09:45     Plenary 4             [location]

Francisco BASTITTA HARRIET (Universidad de Buenos Aires – UCA – CONICET)

‘This Body that You Love’: Gregory of Nyssa and Macrina on Corporeal Identity

10:30     Coffee break

11:00     short communications A [location]

11:00                     Siiri TOIVIAINEN Elements of Anti-Epicurean Polemics in Gregory of Nyssa’s De anima et resurrectione

11:30                     Jonathan FARRUGIA “…the reforming of the dissolved being…” (An et res PG 46, 76) The saved body in Gregory of Nyssa’s De Anima et Resurrectione and his homilies

12:00                     Mark DELCOGLIANO Gregory of Nyssa on the Dissolution of the Body and the Soul’s Ongoing Connection with its Body’s Elements

12:30     Lunch                    (Queen’s Building: included in conference registration)

14:00     short communications B and C

  short communications B [location] short communications C [location]
14:00 Olga SEVASTYANOVA The Definition of the Soul by Gregory of Nyssa De Anima et Resurrectione as Compared with the Scriptural Terms נֶפֶשׁ, נְשָׁמָה and ר֣וּחַ. Ryan GILFEATHER Rhetoric and Participatory Desire: The Role of Macrina in Vita Macrinae
14:30 Basil (Milan) GAVRILOVC The Mind as δύναμις and the Notion of Freedom: An Analysis of Gregory of Nyssa’s De hominis opificio and De Anima et Resurrectione Michael PETRIN Gregory of Nyssa’s Literary Diptych of Macrina: The Life and the Dialogue in the Context of Late Ancient Philosophy
15:00 Xavier BATLLO The psychology presented by Gregory in the De Anima et Resurrectione Ilaria VIGORELLI Death as an instrument of salvation

15:30     Coffee break

16:00     Plenary 5             [location]

Volker Henning DRECOLL (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen)

The discussion about the unity of the soul in  De anima et resurrectione. A Commentary on GNO III/3, p. 31,16 – 43,16

16:15     Pause

16:30     Translation workshop: translating De anima et resurrectione. Chair: Mark DelCogliano. With: Matthieu Cassin, Morwenna Ludlow, Warren Smith.

19:00     Conference dinner Reed Hall [if booked ahead]


Thursday 8th September

08:30     Morning Prayer : the Mary Harris Memorial Chapel  [tbc]

09:00     Plenary 6             [location]

Ty Paul MONROE (Assumption University – Worcester, Massachusetts)

The Resurrection and Christo-logic in De anima et resurrectione

09:45     Plenary 7             [location]

Hélène GRELIER-DENEUX (Université Paris Nanterre)

L’œuvre de l’âme sur le corps, l’œuvre de la divinité du Christ sur son humanité dans la résurrection : étude comparative de deux images ( De anima et resurrectione, Antirrheticus adversus Apolinarium)

10:30     Coffee break

11:00     Short communications  D and E

  Short communications D [location] Short communications E [location]
11:00 Robert EDWARDS Between Speculative and Dogmatic Theology: Gregory of Nyssa among the Pro-Nicenes Stępień TOMASZ Macrina and Diotima. A Woman as a Mystagogue
11:30 Avweroswo AKPOJARO What Has Berlin To Do With Cappadocia? The Eschatological Visions Of Gregory Of Nyssa And Friedrich Schleiermacher Ana Cristina VILLA-BETANCOURT Is there a terminological basis to consider Macrina a spiritual leader?
12:00 Tera HARMON Movement, growth and human development in the eschaton Marta PRZYSZYCHOWSKA Two Macrinas? Macrina the Younger as a literary construct

12:30     Lunch                    [Queen’s Building: included in conference registration]

14:00     Plenary 8             [location]

Charalampos APOSTOLOPOULOS (Prof. Emeritus)

Gregors von Nyssa De anima et resurrectione als “Phaedo Christianus

15:30     Coffee break and free time

16:15                                    Guided tour of Exeter Cathedral [optional]

17:30                                     Cathedral evensong [optional]

18:30     Dinner                  [your own choice: in town or Holland Hall]


Friday 9th September     

08:30     Morning Prayer : the Mary Harris Memorial Chapel  [tbc]

09:00     Plenary 9             [location]

Johannes ZACHHUBER (Trinity College, University of Oxford)

Gregory of Nyssa’s account of human knowledge according to De anima et resurrectione

09:45     Plenary 10           [location]

Miguel BRUGAROLAS (University of Navarra, Pamplona)

God, freedom and supreme good in the Dialogue  De anima et resurrectione

10:30     Coffee break

11:00     Short communications  F and G

  Short communications  F  [location] Short communications  G [location]
11:00 Giulio MASPERO The Resurrection and the Feast of Tabernacles in Gregory of Nyssa and Methodius of Olympus’. Bruno GRIPP The sorrows of middle-aged Gregory – a literary-philosophical reading of the Dialogue on the Soul and the Resurrection.
11:30 Nikolai KIEL Origenes-Rezeption in De anima et resurrectione des Gregor von Nyssa Stefanie SCHLENCZEK Grief, resilience and Gregory of Nyssa’s De anima et resurrectione
12:00 Gabriel JARAMILLO VARGAS The horse and the eyes in the dialogue between Macrina and Gregory

12:30     Lunch                    [Queen’s Building: included in conference registration]

14:00     Short communications H [location]

14:00                     Taylor ROSS A Theodicy of Sequence: The Synecdochic Logic of ἀκολουθία in De anima et resurrectione

14:30                     Hannah BLACK  Imagery for Soteriological Transformation in De anima et resurrectione

15:00                     Mike MOTIA On the soul and the resurrection as protreptic

15:00     Coffee break

15:30     Translation workshop

16:15     Plenary 11           [location]

Morwenna LUDLOW (University of Exeter)

Consolation: philosophy, rhetoric and the gospel in De anima et resurrectione.

17:00     Conclusions and forward-planning [end of the formal part of the conference]

19:00     Dinner                  [your own choice: in town or Holland Hall]

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